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Hazrat Muhammad


Hazrat Muhammad is a very important person in the religion of Islam. He was a kind and wise man who taught people about Allah and how to live a good and peaceful life. Let’s learn more about his life in simple language.

Birth and Parentage:

Hazrat Muhammad was born in the city of Mecca in the year 570 CE. His full name is Muhammad ibn Abdullah. He came from a respected and noble family. His father’s name was Abdullah, and his mother’s name was Amina. Even before he became a prophet, people knew him as a trustworthy and honest person.


When Hazrat Muhammad was 40 years old, something incredible happened to him. He received a message from Allah through the angel Gabriel. Allah chose him as His last and final prophet. This event is called the ‘first revelation,’ and it marked the beginning of his mission to teach people about Islam.

Preaching Islam:

Muhammad spent the next 23 years of his life teaching people about the religion of Islam. He told them about one God, Allah, and how to live a good life by being kind, honest, and helping others. Many people became Muslims and followed his teachings.

Migration to Madina:

As the message of Islam spread, the people of Mecca who did not like the new religion became very angry. He and his followers faced many difficulties and hardships. To escape this persecution, they migrated to a city called Madina. This journey is known as the Hijra and marks the beginning of the Islamic calendar.

Battles for Religion:

In Madina, the prophet faced some battles against those who opposed Islam. These battles were not fought for personal gain but to protect the freedom to practice their faith. Hazrat Muhammad always emphasized peace and forgiveness whenever possible.

Conquering Mecca:

After several years, Hazrat Muhammad and his followers returned to Mecca. This time, they came back peacefully. The people of Mecca accepted Islam, and Hazrat Muhammad forgave those who had opposed him for so long. It was a time of great joy and unity. After conquering Mecca, he expired on June 8, 632 AD in Medina.


Hazrat Muhammad was a great man and a wonderful teacher. He brought the message of Islam to the world, teaching people about love, peace, and kindness. His life is a shining example for all of us to follow. He showed us that by being good and helping others, we can make the world a better place. 0 0 0.

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