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Menonim Menonimus: Catalog of His Literary Works


Menonim Menonimus: Catalog of His Literary Works

Menonim Menonimus Catalog of His Literary Works

Menonim Menonimus: Catalog of His Literary Works

In the captivating confluence where philosophy merges with poetry, storytelling intertwines with literary critique, and the pen weaves a tapestry of words transcending generations, the luminous figure Menonim Menonimus is discovered.

With a remarkable career spanning more than 60 books, Menonimus stands as a genuine polymath, seamlessly embracing the roles of philosopher, poet, storyteller, literary critic, essayist, and cherished wordsmith in the domain of children’s literature.

Within the pages of his literary treasury, Menonimus beckons readers into a world where profound ideas and whimsical tales elegantly come together. His words go beyond mere ink on paper; they compose a symphony of enlightenment, resonating with themes that explore the essence of humanity. Concepts of human brotherhood, communal integrity, social justice, and the ongoing pursuit of peace and security serve as guiding principles for his pen.

However, what sets Menonimus apart is not solely the weight of his themes but the artistry with which he conveys them. His prose and poetry are infused with a rare simplicity that conceals profound depth. It’s as if he possesses a magical ability to distill intricate concepts into captivating tales that effortlessly capture the heart and mind.

To immerse oneself in Menonim Menonimus’s works is to embark on a journey through the corridors of wisdom, where each page extends an invitation to explore the boundless realms of human thought and emotion. His works act as lanterns in life’s labyrinth, casting light on the path toward a better world—a world where the bonds of brotherhood are celebrated, communal integrity thrives, social justice prevails, and the enduring pillars of peace and security stand tall.

In the expansive literary cosmos, Menonim Menonimus shines as a star, a luminary whose words serve as both a soothing balm for the soul and a beacon of hope for a brighter tomorrow. His charm is not confined to his words alone but resides in the transformative power they wield. To acquaint oneself with Menonimus is to be captivated, enlightened, and ultimately enriched by the lasting impression he leaves on the canvas of literature.

Below is a selection of his books available on the internet. Please note that this list is by no means exhaustive but rather incomplete:

A list of some of his books that are available on the internet is given below:

Books by Menonimus

Books of Composition by M. Menonimus:

  1. Advertisement Writing
  2. Amplification Writing
  3. Note Making
  4. Paragraph Writing
  5. Notice Writing
  6. Passage Comprehension
  7. The Art of Poster Writing
  8. The Art of Letter Writing
  9. Report Writing
  10. Story Writing
  11. Substance Writing
  12. School Essays Part-I
  13. School Essays Part-II
  14. School English Grammar Part-II..

Books of S. Story by M. Menonimus:

  1. The Fugitive Father and Other Stories
  2. The Prostitute and Other Stories
  3. Neha’s Confession
  4. Juvenile Stories and Essays

Books of Biography by M. Menonimus:

  1. The World Writers-Brief Biographies
  2. Introduction to World Writers
  3. Introduction to World Personalities
  4. Love of Reputed Persons
  5. Brief Biographies of Prominent Bengali Writers
  6. Brief Biographies of Eminent Monarchs
  7. Brief Biographies of Ancient Thinkers and Writers
  8. Brief Biographies of Eminent Generals and Conquerors
  9. Biographies of Writers Around the World
  10. Introduction to Men of Letters ..

Books on Linguistics by M. Menonimus:

  1. A Brief History of the English Language
  2. Essays on Linguistics
  3. My Imageries
  4. Felicitous Expression: Some Examples
  5. Learners’ English Dictionary

Books of Literary Criticism by M. Menonimus:

  1. World Short Story Criticism
  2. World Poetry Criticism
  3. World Drama Criticism
  4. World Novel Criticism
  5. World Essay Criticism
  6. Indian English Poetry Criticism
  7. Indian English Poets and Poetry Chief Features
  8. Emily Dickinson’s Poetry-A Thematic Study
  9. Walt Whitman’s Poetry-A Thematic Study
  10. Critical Essays on English Poetry
  11. Tawfiq al-Hakim’s Novel: Return of the Spirit-An Analytical Study
  12. Tawfiq al-Hakim’s Novel: ‘Yawmiyyat Naib Fil Arayaf’-An Analytical Study
  13. Analytical Studies of Some Arabic Short Stories
  14. A Brief History of Arabic Literature: Pre-Islamic Period (500 AD-622 AD)
  15. A Brief History of Arabic Literature: Early Islamic Period (622 AD-661 AD)
  16. Reviews on William Shakespeare’s Works
  17. Reviews of Charles Dickens’ Works
  18. Reviews of John Milton’s Literary Works
  19. Reviews of Some Iconic Travelogues
  20. Shakespeare’s Sonnets-Critical Studies
  21. Analytical Studies of Selected Poems of Sarojini Naidu
  22. Analytical Studies of Selected Poems of Rabindranath Tagore
  23. Analytical Studies of Selected Indian English Poems
  24. Reviews of Selected Motivational Books
  25. Origin Evolution & Functions of Literature
  26. Essays on Shakespeare and His Time

Books of Poetry by M. Menonimus :

  1. Rainbow Tomorrow Night
  2. A Heart Full of Golden Hopes
  3. Evergreen Loves
  4. For My Countrymen
  5. If You Go Away
  6. In Search of a White Heart
  7. In the Light of Candle
  8. In the River of Blood
  9. Lovelia
  10. My Dear a Heart
  11. My Native Land
  12. The Lost Reminiscence
  13. Under the Starry Sky
  14. The Little Girl and the Stars
  15. Loves and Songs
  16. My Casual Poems
  17. An Orphan and Other Poems in Prose

Books of Essay by M. Menonimus:

  1. Love Letters to Liza
  2. Let’s Look Into
  3. Essays on Science and Technology
  4. Articles on Contemporary Affairs
  5. Gleaned Essays

Books on Science and Technology by M. Menonimus:

  1. Select Essays on Technology
  2. Interactive SEO Guide
  3. Tips For Best SEO

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