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My Daily Life Essay


My Daily Life Essay

My Daily Life Essay

My Daily Life Essay

My Daily Life


Every day, I follow a routine that helps me manage my schoolwork and enjoy my free time. My daily life is quite simple, with a set schedule during the school week and a more flexible one on holidays. In this essay, I’ll describe my daily routine and how it changes when I’m not in school.

Morning Routine

I start my day early in the morning. First, I take a 30-minute walk, which wakes me up and makes me feel fresh. After the walk, I wash my hands and face, which helps me feel even more awake. Then, I study for an hour, so I can get a head start on my schoolwork.

School and Return

After studying, it’s time for a bath and breakfast. I then head off to school, where I spend my day in classes, learning new things and having fun with my friends. When school ends around 3 pm, I return home, and I usually take some time to relax.

Evening Activities

In the evening, I like to play with my friends or participate in outdoor activities. We might play games or just hang out. It’s a time for fun and laughter, which helps me relax and forget about schoolwork for a while.

Nighttime Study

In the evening, I study again. I spend about three hours reviewing my lessons and finishing up any assignments. This helps me do well in school and be prepared for the next day.

I go to bed early because I believe that getting enough sleep is essential. A good night’s sleep helps me stay alert and healthy.

Holidays and Changes

On holidays, I don’t stick to my school routine. Instead, I do things I enjoy. I play, help with household chores, take care of our garden, and go to music school to learn to play an instrument. I also have more time to read different books, which is something I love to do.


In summary, my daily life as a student is organized and simple. I have a routine that helps me manage my schoolwork and enjoy my free time. On holidays, I get to do more of the things I love. It’s a good balance of learning, having fun, and relaxing. 0 0 0.

My Daily Life Essay

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