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My Native Village | My Native Village Essay


My Native Village | My Native Village Essay

Our Native Village

My Native Village


My native village is a lovely place where I was born. It is a small village in the countryside, away from big cities. It has open fields, green trees, and a clean river nearby. The village is very calm and peaceful.


Houses: In my village, houses are not very big or fancy. They are made of mud and have thatched roofs. Each house has a small garden where we grow vegetables and flowers. Everyone in the village knows each other.

People: People in my village are friendly and work hard. They grow crops like rice and wheat in the fields. Some people have cows, goats, and chickens. We celebrate festivals together and help each other.

Nature: Nature is everywhere in my village. We have tall trees that provide shade. Birds sing, and butterflies fly around. We have a clean river where we can swim and fish. We also have a big forest nearby for walks and picnics.

School: My village has a small school where I study with my friends. Our teachers are nice, and we learn many things. We have fun at school too.

Market: There is a small market in my village where we buy things we need. It’s not as big as city markets, but it has what we require.

Development: My village is slowly getting better. We now have electricity and better roads. Some people are opening small shops and restaurants to make our village nicer.


I love my native village because it’s peaceful and beautiful. Even though it’s small and getting better slowly, it’s full of love and warmth. I hope it keeps growing and becomes an even more wonderful place for everyone. My native village will always be special to me. 0 0 0.

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