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Our School | Our School Essay

Our School  Our School Essay

Our School


Our school is a fun and happy place where we learn and play. Let’s talk about it!Our school is in a nice place with lots of trees and a big playground. It’s safe, and we love being here. There are classrooms, a library, a cafeteria, and a big playground.


Inside our school, we have classrooms with desks, chairs, and books. Our teachers are nice, and they teach us many things like math and science. We also have art and music classes where we have fun being creative.

Our school has a library with many books. We can borrow them to read at home or at school. The cafeteria serves yummy food, and we eat together with friends.

The playground is the best! It has swings, slides, and grass to play on. We have fun and make new friends there.


Our school is a happy place where we learn, play, and have fun. We love it a lot because it’s like our second home. We are lucky to be here every day, learning and growing with our friends and teachers. 0 0 0.

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