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Our Town


Our town is called Sunshine Town.” The name itself makes you feel warm and happy, just like the sunny days we have here. It is a special and beautiful place filled with interesting things to see and do.


Sunshineville is a small, friendly town that’s perfect for kids like us. It’s surrounded by lush green trees, and there’s a river that flows gently through the town. You can hear the birds singing their sweet songs as you walk down the streets.

In the town, there are colorful houses with big, inviting gardens. Each house has its unique charm, and people take good care of their homes.

We have a fantastic school where we learn, play, and make lots of friends. Our teachers are kind, and we have a big playground for recess.

We have many shops in the town where you can buy ice cream, candy, toys, and more. It’s always fun to visit them with your parents.

Our town has a cozy library where you can read books, learn new things, and go on exciting adventures through the pages of a book.

The people in Barpeta Road are friendly and always ready to help. We have a close-knit community where everyone knows each other, and we often come together for fun events.


In our town, life is simple, happy, and full of laughter. It’s a place where we grow, learn, and create beautiful memories. We are lucky to call this wonderful town our home. We love our town very much. 0 0 0.

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